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Guardians in the Mist

The Fianna are a band of roaming warriors in the land of Erinnae. The PC’s belong to this small band who have forsworn any oath to a specific fief or kingdom and instead travel the whole of Erinnae as guardians and peacekeepers, answering directly to the High King and the Council of Druids.

Erinnae is a land made up of small kingdoms. It is a misty land surrounded on most sides by mountains or the rocky coasts next to the sea. Each kingdom has a king, but these kings answer to the High King, who is a king who has been elected by the Druidic council.

In Erinnae there are specific classes of people. The nobility is the first clas, made up of the Kings, his dukes and barons, and their families. Then, nearly as important, are the druids, poets, and bards, of which any citizen may join if they pass the tests of the Druid Enclave or the Bardic Colleges. Then there are the warriors of the kingdom, under the control of the king. Then there are the craftsmen, artisans, and farmers who own their own shop and land. Lastly there are the peasantry, who live on land provided by nobles. A collection of peasants on the land of a noble is called a fief.

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